Use and Treatment Habbatus Sauda '
 Widely known as "seed containing Blessing", Habbatus Sauda 'or Black Seed Nigella sativa or-if in Indonesia used to call' seed 'Hitam'-have been used as a natural healer in the East and the Far East for more than 2000 years. Habbatus Sauda 'contain nutrients in maintaining the immune system.
In 1959, the active content Habbatus Sauda ', crystalline Nigellone, was first isolated and identified as having favorable content.
Clinical trials have proved that Habbatus Sauda 'can improve health. It is most associated with black seed should be differentiated between the religious approach to health and lifestyles associated with each person. In this way, many nutrition and healing process can enhance endurance throughout the day, with a maximum supply source in preventing and treating disease.
1. Habbatus Sauda 'as a daily health supplement
Many drugs work best when consumed with a full, and this is true of the black seed. In knowledge about nutrition, as well as medical content, the body's ability to maintain health and boost immunity by using natural materials can be achieved with regular use of black seed.
2. Habbatus Sauda 'as energy source
Ibn Sina (980-1037), in explaining Habbatus Sauda as follows "stimulate the body energy and helps in overcoming fatigue and loss of morale," and is still used as a handle for Tibb (Islamic drugs) today. Nutrient content in Sauda Habbatus assessed by experts as a source of energy. From the Tibb health perspective, Habbatus Sauda has the ability to maintain body temperature. System in Western diets, typically using drinking ice cold foods, yogurt, pizza, cheese eliminate all body temperatures as a function of optimal. Tibb holds the view that the decline in metabolic pulse (in body temperature) is the cause of many diseases. Body, while losing energy, also will lose its ability to fight toxins, thus can cause disease.

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